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3 ways a slow website will lose you customers...

by Matt Blake
April 4, 2020

Lower search engine rank (SEO)

Out of many metrics Google users to rank your website, one is page loading speed. In recent years Google has drawn attention to fast loading time on mobile in particular. You can test your website here.

There are two main factors affecting your website's speed:

  1. Web hosting
  2. Site setup and optimisation (cache, minification etc)

High bounce rate

Your bounce rate is calculated from when a visitor opens your website and then leaves without further interaction.

Page loading speed is a huge factor here. Think about the last time you closed a tab because the website was taking too long to load; we've all done it!

Lower pay views

When a visitor discovers your website your aim is to guide them to a call to action (abbreviated to CTA). Whether that is a contact form, newsletter or making a purchase.

A slow website can cause your visitors to leave with frustration if each of these steps takes too long.

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