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For as long as I can remember I've been involved with local charities working for and along local communities. 

I've seen first hand the important and amazing work local charities carry out. 

It is a firm belief of mine that we should use our skills to help other people.
Web design for charities

Charities supported so far

Set up in response to the coronavirus outbreak in the Spring of 2020, Stoke Community Support have delivered over 16,000 meals. Over 180 families were supported and a team of over 80 volunteers provided the service.
Supporting local churches and christian organisations in Godalming, Surrey.

Web Design Pricing for Charities

Zero Budget


Suitable for charities who literally have no budget for a web designer and who are looking for a 1 - 4 page website. 

To be able to offer a website for free all website content must be submitted before the project starts. Sadly I am only able to take on a limited number of these projects a year. 

Small - Medium Sized Charities





For charities that have a budget for their website I offer a discounted day rate.

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